Virtual Business Challenge: Meet the entrepreneurs!

The Virtual Business Challenge is just a few days away. We have over 45 alumni looking forward to the Challenge this Friday 26 June and Saturday 27 June. However, the Virtual Business Challenge could not exist without the two entrepreneurs from Orange Corners Ghana who shared their business case with us. 

Meet Kelvin Ashie from Health Direct Global. Health Direct Global provides a digital platform that offers quality, affordable health care services by connecting patients to health care providers. With mobile-phone penetration at an all time-high, Health Direct Global provides the opportunity to deliver alternative health care financing through a blockchain-based payments infrastructure that improves health care outcomes for patients and reduces burden for health service providers. The digital platform has a direct connection with the Covid-19 situation as Health Direct Global makes it possible for patients to have on-demand access to health service providers for remote care which reduces the risk of possible spread of Covid-19 in hospitals and public spaces. Health Direct Global is looking for ways to promote a proactive healthcare approach for its users on the digital platform. The NBC alumni will gather ideas to support Kelvin and his team to find a fitting solution.

Read more about Health Direct Global here

Meet Victorine Vondee from Vonvic. Vonvic started out in August 2018 and produces hand woven textiles from Ghana. The company started by collaborating with local producers of smock attires in the Northern region of Ghana and delivering them to customers in Accra and other parts of Ghana. Later kimonos, T-shirts, earrings and bags were added. The vision of Vonvic is to be the leading producer and promoter of locally manufactured textiles and clothes in Ghana and beyond. Also, the mission is to empower women and people with disabilities with skills in sewing, weaving and designing to ensure a sustainable income. Vonvic wants to make a positive impact during this Covid-19 situation and decided to provide 10,000 face masks for free. It’s important to provide the face masks for free so they are accessible to vulnerable groups in need of a face mask but cannot afford it. The 10,000 face masks will be produced and distributed by Vonvic in the rural communities in/around Volta Region. Vonvic is looking for ways to scale up their face mask production in a cost-effective way, a business case where the NBC alumni will support Victorine and the team with!

Read more about Vonvic here