Virtual Business Challenge: NBC Alumni Creatively Countering Covid


Although there won’t be a regular New Business Challenge this year, the NBC spirit will keep alive with a Virtual Business Challenge launching on 26 and 27 June 2020 With the support of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and The Netherlands Embassy in Accra, the Virtual Business Challenge will bring together the alumni from the years 2014 – 2019 and unite their entrepreneurial spirit. The NBC alumni will work together with entrepreneurs to counter Covid creatively during the Challenge.

During the Virtual Business Challenge, Dutch and Ghanaian alumni will generate ideas in mixed teams for Covid-19 related business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Ghana. The business cases come from entrepreneurs who are part of the Orange Corners Ghana accelerator program. The two entrepreneurs participating in the Business Challenge are Health Direct Global, a digital health platform, and Vonvic, a hand-woven textile brand. The goal is that the entrepreneurs receive fresh ideas, which they can take up themselves or alumni can take them a step further after the online days. For the NBC alumni it’s an unique opportunity to use their problem solving skills; gain experience with online cooperation; build on their digital skills and reconnect with other NBC alumni!

During the Virtual Business Challenge, alumni will work in teams of 4 consisting of Dutch and Ghanaian participants. The interactive online program will assist the teams in generating ideas and going from a brainstorm to a comprehensive business opportunity within one day. At the end of the day, the teams will pitch their ideas and the solution with the most votes will win a prize. The alumni will be supported by two coaches from both Netherlands and Ghana, Diwy Tomassen from Crosswise Works and Jemila Abdulai from Both were coaches during the 2019 edition of the NBC and they have vast experience in facilitating online sessions and idea generating programs.

The NBC doesn’t stop after the Virtual Business Challenge! The program will continue after the online day(s) with workshops organized by the New Career Platform. Various workshops around the themes of the jobmarket and entrepreneurship will be organized throughout the rest of the year. Keep an eye on the New Career Platform’s events to stay up to date about the next workshop. Also after 3 months, a coming-back day for the Virtual Business Challenge will be organized to see what the process has been like while working on the solutions.

The Virtual Business Challenge is for NBC alumni only. Find more information here:

Blogpost from June 8th, 2020