Virtual Business Challenge: Upscaling face mask production creatively

Victorine Vondee from Vonvic was one of the entrepreneurs who shared her business case for the Virtual Business Challenge. When the pandemic hit, Vonvic was determined to contribute to containing the spread of Covid-19 by producing face masks for communities in Ghana. So how can you do this in a sustainable and cost-efficient way? That is exactly where the Virtual Business Challenge focused on. Six ambitious teams with names such as ‘Mask up’, the ‘Four Masketeers’ and ‘PAST COVID’ dedicated their Friday to come up with solutions for Vonvic. The teams went from a brainstorm to pitch presentation in an interactive 8-hour Zoom call. How was the Virtual Business Challenge for entrepreneur Victorine?

The first thing Victorine mentions when we ask her about the challenge is that it was so well structured. “It was amazing to see how such a challenge could take place in the era of Covid-19. We formulated our business case clearly, so this allowed the teams to really focus on the solutions. Everyone was more than ready to give their pitch and they all stayed within the time frame of 3 minutes. All the presentations were short but very detailed with a clear message”.

She was blown away by the work the teams were able to pull off in one day and in an online setting as well. She was very impressed by the final solutions that were presented by the different teams. “You could really see that the teams had done their research. For example they checked how I am already using social media and implemented this into a bigger plan within their solution. All the teams were very creative and explored many options. Some of the ideas didn’t even cross my mind so it was a great addition to my process”

Victorine is very excited to start following up on some of the ideas. “The teams came up with so many elements to work with. This encouraged me to look more into possible partners for collaboration. Some teams suggested various NGOs who are also into women empowerment, what would align perfectly with Vonvic’s goal. One team came up with a Do-It-Yourself kit for face masks – which was also such an out-of-the-box idea! Another idea that got me thinking was about scrap materials. The team suggested to organize this with seamstresses and seeing whether we can re-use it for the face masks.

Vonvic is currently looking into which ideas they want to pursue first and how the NBC alumni might be able to support. Curious about Vonvic? Click here to visit their FB page.