Edition 2016

The third edition of the NBC was organized in the summer of 2016. 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian students worked in mixed teams on the business cases of Tony’s Chocolonely/WAKAWAKA, Koudijs Animal Nutrition, Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions, Safi Sana and Landmapp. The teams worked online and went on a study trip of 10 days to The Netherlands in July and on a study trip to Ghana in August. All teams presented their solutions at the Dutch Embassy in Accra to the Dutch Ambassador and an independent jury of experts. The Safi Sana team ETS (Education Through Sanitation) won this edition, by presenting their idea to stimulate toilet use. The nine solutions of the other teams were well received by the participating companies and have increased their business. Several participants continue to work on the solution with the company and several did an internship. The community is still active and vibrant and the participants meet see each other at network events and workshops. A short description of all solutions can be read in the news item Final 2016.